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Inside Xinjiang's Prison State

For this ambitious project we worked with a team of freelancers who had met and interviewed several individuals who had been detained in prison camps in China’s Xinjiang province. We constructed an interactive narrative with 3D animated Virtual Reality components that recreated the inside of the camps, and the changing face of the region’s towns and villages. I coordinated the multimedia components, helped do a visual edit to tease out which parts of the larger text would be reworked into animated scenes and an interactive map, planning out each beat and captioning, and created some of the additional brushstroke animations throughout the piece.

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Election 2020 Results

Throughout the 2020 Primary and General Election season I worked with the Associated Press to pull from their results data and visualize it for The New Yorker. This involved creating a master schedule and coverage plan for visualizations, from state by state primary reporting to live delegate counts to the general election night map. I regularly worked with the developer to integrate design changes, coordinated with the AP on how they planned to deliver results, and worked with our editorial departments to integrate the visualizations and plan coverage around the results.


Books for the Midnight Hour

During the pandemic as audiences were being overwhelmed with Coronavirus related coverage, we wanted to offer some alternative content that would marry our literary resources with the fact that people were in quarantine and reflecting on difficult times. I helped create a roster of academics and literary minds to walk through a piece of literature that they were returning to and wanted to share with our audience through a series of Instagram TV videos. This involved working with the contributors to make book selections, selecting for diversity, helping them record, editing and producing the final videos. The series had a disproportionately positive response on social media and we produced two seasons.


Thirty-six Thousand Feet Under the Sea

This interactive treatment of a feature for the print magazine helped visualize various components of the story, which followed an expedition around the world with a submarine that would reach the deepest point of every ocean. Working with the reporter, I visualized and broke out the various components of the submarine in an explainer graphic and mapped the ship’s coordinate logs to create animated visuals of the journey’s various legs.

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Twenty Four Hours at the Epicenter

This was the largest collaborative project ever undertaken at The New Yorker. More than fifty writers and photographers covered New York City over twenty four hours at the peak of the Coronavirus to capture the stories, moments, sights and sounds around the city. We wove together these lives and moments from the early morning to the late night through a gradient depicting the time of day and a collection of photographs.

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Purgatorio: Annotated

I helped build and integrate a highlighted annotation tool that allowed readers to hover on certain portions of text and read more context or see visuals related to what they were reading. In this project, a modern translation of Dante’s Purgatorio, the author had a vast array of cultural references that we were able to give life to through this new tool.

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Twenty Years After Columbine

Marking twenty years since the Columbine shootings, we undertook a project of counting the number of mass shootings since then through an interactive ticker and multimedia experience. This was interwoven with video interviews with doctors, first responders, and emergency physicians who were on the scene, triaging victims of several of these mass shootings. Their stories offered a look into the chaos and human damage of these events, but also the lingering impacts on individuals and communities after the news reporting moved on. As part of the project, I sought out sources, interviewed them, collected and organized data and helped design the final experience.

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Touchstones: Heathers

As part of our series of interactive cultural critiques, Touchstones, we looked back at the film Heathers and its pioneering of a genre of dark teenage comedies. I gathered, processed and edited all of the multimedia elements we used for the piece and put the project together.

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